Loxtay is the trademark for Integras, who is a long time expert on CBRN (Chemical Biological, Radiocative and Nuclear) Cases.

Loxtay is an FDA Resgistered Facility.

Loxtay listed its Medical Devices in FDA.

Loxtay holds CE Certification for all of its products.

After the pandemic we have reogranized all our manufacturing capabilities to support the public.

We hold 8 Quality certificates and work with 1800 team-mates in 3 factories for your health

1800Professional Staff
12Years of Experience
8Quality Certificates
Medical Supplies

Loxtay is concentrated on medical/surgical supplies for CBRN/Pandemic cases.


Surviving in a case depends on the best supplies and best personnel


In pandemic cases the Loxtay products are the best available protection.

First Aid

First Aid in Pandemic/CBRN Cases are the frontlines of the war. If you protect them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) you will start the victory.

Professional Team

Our proffessional team cares about you.

We became ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified Facility with cooperation with our team mates


Past experience in CBRN makes us most ready team to support you.

We know what to produce, how to produce, how to store it, how to ship it and how to service it.

We manufacture our products to support people in need and hopefully save lives.

Who We Are?

We are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufacturer based in Turkey.

Currently we have 3 factories which have CE certified product lines and ISO certified products nation wide distributed.

We are the one of the main suppliers’ serving his products to Ministry of HEalth in Turkey.

our team

What We Do?

We manufacture, sell and export our products worldwide.

Our management and processes are regularly checked by external auditors and validated against the quality management systems.

Health care department is responsible for analyzing and testing the products against our certifications for each lot.

about us