Surgical Masks

Loxtay LT103FXX Non Woven SPP 3-PLY Surgical Mask (EARLOOP)


A surgical mask is a medical equipment. Produced as per standard EN 14683  it is designed to prevent the wearer from spreading droplets in the vicinity. It also protects the wearer from droplets produced by a person directly in front of them.

Key Specifications:

  • This face masks provide nose and mouth protection against dust, pollen, bacteria and more.
  • Made from NonWoven Spunbound Polypropylene (SPP)
  • Adjustable nose strip and round elastic ear loop to give basic protection to the user.
  • Made by Ultrasonic welding technology which provides strong bonding of mask & earloop.
  • Antialergetic
  • Does not contain Fiberglass or Latex
  • BFE/PFE: 99 %
  • EN 14683 Certified Type IIR  (Type IIR: bacteria filtering effectiveness > 98% and splash-resistant)
  • Level 2 masks, with 120 mmHg fluid resistance, provide a barrier against light or moderate aerosol, fluid, and spray. And named by FDA as FXX
  • Packaging: 50 pcs/ box

Our products are countinously checked for lots and our quality mesurement system reports all steps from supply chain, production to shipment.

CE Certifified for

  • EN 14683+AC,
  • EN 1041+A1,
  • EN ISO 13485,
  • EN ISO 14971,
  • EN 1073-2,
  • EN 14605+A1,
  • EN ISO 13688,
  • EN 1149-1,
  • EN 1149-2,
  • EN 1149-3,
  • EN 1149-5


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To decide on logistics and ordering parameters you can check the below table for calculating the transport options.

in Item
in Item
In Item
in Item
1 piece117,00 cm9,50 cm6,70″3,74″1,90 gr0,07 oz
1 pack5019,00 cm7,00 cm13,00 cm7,49″2,76″5,12″165,00 gr5,82 oz
1 box2.4004860,00 cm40,00 cm35,00 cm23,64″15,76″13,79″14,00 kg30,86 lb
1 palette57.600115224120,00 cm80,00 cm120,00 cm47,28″31,52″47,28″400,00 kg881,85 lb
1 20′ Container806.40016.128336145600,00 kg12345,89 lb
1 40′ Container1.728.00034.5607203012000,00 kg26455,47 lb



  • Single use do not reuse
  • Do not wash
  • Do not iron
  • Do not machine dry
  • Do not dryclean
  • Flammable keep away from sparks or flames

Warnings :

It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand all warnings provided.

Loxtay Loxtay LT103FXX is not fire resistant or fire retardant and will melt if exposed to heat, fire, or sparks.

Loxtay Loxtay LT103FXX is not suitable protective clothing for use with some hazardous chemicals and agents.

This garment should not be used if it is contaminated or if it is damaged.It is the responsibility of the user to determine the level of risk and select the appropriate and necessary personal protective equipment.

Integras Ltd. makes no warranty,expressed or implied, and assumes no responsibility for the performance of this product for any particular use.


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