Loxtay PPE Protective Face Shields

Loxtay LTP103FS Face Shield


Anti-fog face shield,Clear vision

Made of high quality Acetat highly transparent protective shield ensure good visibility.Anti-fog on both face shield inside and outside,keep a clear view when working.

Excellent protection performance,Effectively protect the face

Wide range of application,full face shield design could effectively protects the eyes,mouth and nose.It could effectively isolates saliva,dust and splash,suitable Industrial,Lab,Household,Kitchen and personal use.

Replaceable plastic shields,Safe to use

Come with 10 plastic shields for replacement.During daily use,usually recommended discard the protective plastic shield after use and replace a new one.After use, there need to use alcohol or disinfectant for a simply disinfection of the frame .

Lightweight and adjustable frame,Easy to install

Soft elastic band could be adjusted the tightness to adapt different sizes and head shapes,the frame could be rotated up to 120 degrees, whiich is easy to adjust when in use.The lightweight frame and shield won’t cause any load on the head,which is a good solution for face protection.

Disposable Adjustable Protective Face Shields

Anti-fog,Lightweight,Replaceable,Comfortable,Excellent protection performance

  • Type:Head-mounted
  • Material:Acetat
  • Color:Blue/Green/Black/White (frame) and Clear(shield)
  • Plastic Shield Dimension:28 x 19 cm
  • Packing include:1 Frame + 3 Shields

Our products are countinously checked for lots and our quality mesurement system reports all steps from supply chain, production to shipment.

CE Certifified for


  • EN 14683+AC,
  • EN 104l+Al,
  • EN ISO 13485,
  • EN ISO 14971,
  • EN ISO 10993-1,
  • EN 980

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To decide on logistics and ordering parameters you can check the below table for calculating the transport options.


in Item
in Item
In Item
in Item
1 piece170,00 gr2,47 oz
1 pack127,00 cm33,00 cm2,00 cm10,64″13,00″0,79″70,00 gr2,47 oz
1 box808060,00 cm40,00 cm35,00 cm23,64″15,76″13,79″5,40 kg11,90 lb
1 palette96096012120,00 cm80,00 cm120,00 cm47,28″31,52″47,28″85,00 kg187,39 lb
1 20′ Container28.80028.800360302550,00 kg5621,79 lb
1 40′ Container57.60057.600720605100,00 kg11243,58 lb



  • Can be reused after disinfecting
  • Can be wahsed with alcohol od disinfectants
  • Flammable keep away from sparks or flames

Warnings :

It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand all warnings provided.

Loxtay Loxtay Face Shield is not fire resistant or fire retardant and will melt if exposed to heat, fire, or sparks.

Loxtay Loxtay Face Shield is not suitable  for use with some hazardous chemicals and agents.

This garment should not be used if it is contaminated or if it is damaged.It is the responsibility of the user to determine the level of risk and select the appropriate and necessary personal protective equipment.

Integras Ltd. makes no warranty,expressed or implied, and assumes no responsibility for the performance of this product for any particular use.

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