Loxtay is the name for quality products for PPE.

Our Mission

“We will be the smartest choice for safety conscious organisations requiring PPE because we deliver intelligent business insights that add real value and manage risk better than anyone else”

  1. Production for Safety

    We developed PPE products,

    Supply to governments and all international partners to support all nations.

    We are proud of all our team-mates who are working hard to complete the mission.

  2. Deliver Timely

    We deliver the products on time, when needed

  3. Sustain the Quality

    We are sustaining our quality for checking all our processes and each lot.

    Although this is a routine for us, all our team-mates are also takes responsibility to achiece the top most quality.

  4. Healthy and Safety

    We are producing for health and supporting our team mates to be healthy and and safe.

    Past 5 years statistics for Injuries are 0. No accidents happenede for the last 3 years.

  5. Environmental Friendly

    There is an old saying in turkish we are cultivating for our children. With this in mind our strict environmental policy helps us not to harm the environment.

    By the end of 2025 our policy is heading for 0 waste. Currently for 2020 our achievement come to 1.83%

Our Vision

“We believe in a world where people are free to work without risk to their wellbeing”

Our Philosophy

“At Loxtay we focus absolutely on user safety for customer satisfaction. We work continuously to increase our product, knowledge, value, choice and service. We invest in our people, and build truly involved teams. We are passionate about customer relationships. We think and commit long-term relations”

12Years of Experience

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